Backyard Blessings Photography
Pictures capture the blessings of our lives & imprint them on our hearts forever.

Welcome to Backyard Blessings Photography. My name is Lynda Simmons. I have a passion for pictures. I love to take pictures and share them with others to enjoy. I love taking photos of nature and God's beauty that surrounds me. The majority of my personal photographs are taken in my own backyard, hence the name Backyard Blessings. I am contniually amazed by the wondrous creatures and beautiful flowers around me. My backyard is my favorite place to retreat and witness God's awesome creation. It always brings a sense of peace to my soul. God is good and His grace is sufficient for me.

I think perhaps my love for pictures has to do with feeing as though I'm cheating time! Life comes at us fast and sometimes we miss the simplicity and beauty of a single moment. Photographs preserve that moment. Our memories are precious and our pictures can take us back to another time, perhaps a happier time, blessing us in a way that nothing else can. Pictures leave a legacy for those who come after us, they tell the story of our lives and keep us connected to those who have gone on before us. Photographs continually bless us over and over again, eternal blessings on our hearts.

I would love to share in your special moments and help you to capture your own blessings. My prices are reasonable and conservative. I also offer other services and items to make your memories even more special. Whatever photographic need you have, I'll do my best to meet it. I'm available for special occasions as well as individual photo sessions. I also have some of my work as art and home decor pieces for purchase. Thank you for visiting and happy viewing!

Peace & Blessings~
Lynda Simmons/Photographer

*I am still in the process of creating my 'cyber-space' here, so please be patient and check back regularly.